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Before & After Pictures

Picture results from costumers after using Granny's to speed up the healing process. Which afterwards left little to no scarring. 

1 Week Later
8 Hours Later

Real ingredients.... with real results

Love love love the soaps, body butter and the ageless cream. I can truly tell a difference in using these products. Thanks!


Susan's products are well thought out and deliver as promised with great scents to boot. I stock my cabins with her soaps, chap stick and essential oils.


I bought Granny Salve and Body Butter while they were at a craft show in Destin, Fl. The very next day I burnt my thumb pretty good on my curling iron after rinsing with cold water I thought to grab the Granny Salve and put it on. Instantly took away the burning and I only had a very small blister which was gone in less than 12 hours!

Ashley Gisi

The charcoal and clay bars are AMAZING! I can finally say goodbye to my oily face!


I purchased quite a few products from Lily of the Valley Soaps. I absolutely love them all!!! All natural ingredients, great for your skin!! My skin would feel dry right after I would shower and would always have to apply lotion afterwards. I have NOT had to use any lotion after showering with this soap! I love that it's all natural and so good for my skin!! Check them'll be glad you did!!!


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