About Us


How We Began:

Lily of the Valley resides in Suches, a small town in the North Georgia mountains affectionately known as "A Valley Above The Clouds". Here, two ladies share a mountain and a dream.

Friends and neighbors, Susan and Mona share a passion for keeping tradition alive. As a hobby, Mona taught Susan the art of handcrafted soap making in small controlled batches with added carrier oils. After much perfecting, Susan then took this idea with Mona's blessing and started a business selling herbal soaps, each for their own specific enhancement benefits. Our products were all tested on humans (only us).

We are a family-owned and operated herbal company with soaps, salves, and lip balms. We can also make small custom batches if needed. LOTV is constantly working to come up with new product ideas to expand our all-natural brand.

Watch this video to learn more.

lily of valley products

Susan, owner of Lily of the Valley

Why We Started Making All-Natural Products:

Susan began to research all the synthetic chemicals that go into the mass production of today’s products and the disturbing information fired her up about only using natural products. She discovered that the ingredients of commercial soaps and lotions are actually stripping the skin’s natural oils, not only causing chronic dry skin but deeper issues also.

After sharing her handcrafted soaps with family and friends, she soon realized the demand for all-natural skin care products and started to wonder what else she could do. Susan continued experimenting on her own and started adding in herbal oils; such as lemongrass, lavender and patchouli, on top of the carrier oils of the soap base. She also started making herbal salves, some for intense moisturizing benefits and others for medicinal purposes.

The motivation behind starting the salves came from learning the base of Vick’s VapoRub. Susan’s grandson was deeply congested and the thought of using a petroleum-based product on him sounded terrifying, so she made her own natural version. Our Mountain Rub is so safe that it can be used at any age and also inside the nasal cavity to relieve congestion. In addition, the Mountain Rub can be used for its pain relief qualities as well.

After a little more perfecting, she had finally come up with several recipes that her and her family absolutely loved. So with her friend’s blessing, Susan officially started her own skincare business in 2017.

Our Main Goal: 

LOTV’s goal is to promote a more healthy and natural way of maintaining the skin and body. Being the largest organ of the human body, we believe that it is very important to know exactly what ingredients you are putting on the skin and the effects they have. The majority of skincare products that you buy from any main retail store will contain chemicals or substances that are linked to cancer and other major issues. Your body absorbs the topical ingredients then pumps them into the bloodstream where they can reach into any internal organ causing damage. Spreading awareness is also a big part of what we do. At Lily of the Valle, we believe the Lord has put everything on this earth that we need to maintain, or get back to, a healthy lifestyle. Herbs are the way to go!

How We've Grown:

all natural skin care

Today, LOTV offers 9 soap lines, 2 shampoo bars, 7 salves, 7 lip balm flavors and one line of dog soap; we love our fur babies too. Every one of our products have their own distinct herbal blends designed for a specific enhancement or beneficial purpose; these range from simple intense moisturizers and exfoliators to the more complex pain relief and/or healing qualities.

All-Natural Healing Products!

Our products are for people of all ages but are also safe for animals, especially Granny’s Salve. We have used this salve many times on our dogs when they have returned home with some sort of injury or wound. The Granny’s salve is loaded with cleansing, antibacterial properties along with herbs that promote new cell growth. This product not only keeps your wound from becoming infected, but it also makes for a more speedy recovery time. Bee stings, bug bites, or any skin abrasion, just put some Granny’s on it and you will be able to tell a difference within 30-60 seconds!

Fighting with facial moisturizing problems or stubborn age spots and wrinkles? Try our Ageless Salve, when doubled with the Lemongrass soap, this combination tightens the skin, restoring elasticity, while supporting any pigmentation issues as well. We’ve discovered the Ageless salve is also excellent for sunburns; it is one of our beach trips must-haves.

LOTV’s 2 newest products, just added this year, are the shampoo bars; which Revitalize and offer Oil Control. While both contain properties that promote hair growth, the Revitalize shampoo bar will help bring dull, damaged hair back to life and the Oil Control shampoo is designed for people with oily hair needing more control.

More Products to Come!

In the future, we plan to keep expanding our product list, so check back on our website and sign up for our email list. We are working on a natural deodorant as well as a few other products.

We Would Love Your Feedback!

We love to hear customer feedback regarding our products so don't forget to leave a review. Many of our customers are repeat customers because they too have experienced the results and love the products.

Thank you for trying our homemade, natural products!

God Bless

Disclaimer: It is not my intention to diagnose, treat, or cure any condition or illness. The recipes for these products are designed from past remedies and are not intended to replace medical science. Generations of the use of herbs and their oils are what we base the development of our products on. We research and seek scientific evidence for the safety and reliability of the product results. We do not profess to be medical doctors, but believe in what has worked for us, our family, and friends. Using our products are a personal decision and one that I hope will be a positive experience for you.