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About Us

Lily of the Valley resides in Suches, a small town in the North Georgia mountains affectionately known to the locals as "A Valley Above The Clouds". Here, two ladies share a mountain and a dream.

Friends and neighbors, Susan and Mona share a passion for keeping tradition alive. As a hobby, Mona taught Susan the art of handcrafted soap making in small controlled batches with added carrier oils. After much perfecting, Susan then took this idea with Mona's blessing and started a business selling herbal soaps, each for their own specific enhancement! Our products were all tested on humans!

We are now a family owned and operated herbal company, with more then just soaps! We are constantly working to come up with new product ideas to expand our all natural brand. Let us know if you need a more specific product, we are able to make small custom batches!

We also love to hear customer feedback regarding our products.

 God bless!

It is not my intention to diagnose, treat, or cure any condition or illness. The recipes for my products are designed from past remedies and are not intended to replace medical science. Generations of the use of herbs and their oils is what I base the development of my products on. However, I always research and seek scientific evidence for the safety and reliability of their results. I do not profess to be a doctor, but I believe in what has worked for me, my family, and my friends. Using my product is a personal decision and one that I hope will be a positive experience for you. Many of my customers are repeat customers because they too have experienced the results and love the products. Thank you for trying my line of homemade natural products!